Poly-Tech Maintenance & Industrial Operation

Chemical and Solvent Cleaning

Chemical and Solvent Cleaning

POLYTECH CHEMICAL CLEANING has proven successful performance in wide-range of applications -OILFIELD, PETROCHEMICAL Plants, REFINERY Plants, GOSP Plants, EPC Pre-Commissioning of Industrial Plants, Specialized Chemical Projects and EMERGENCY SHUTDOWNS.

Mastered with highest consistent quality of the basic chemical cleaning process steps: Degreasing, Acid Cleaning, Neutralization and Passivation to restore heat transfer efficiency of heat exchangers, coolers, re-boilers and boilers in large numbers of requests.

Polytech is keen and comply to the requirements of various applicable standards: ASTM, API, NACE, AWWA, EPA, OSHA, NFPA, SABIC SHEMS & Chemical Cleaning Engineering procedure, Process Licensure Guidelines, Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards, General Instructions and Construction Safety Manual to ensure process-safety and quality/reliability of equipment/system.

Polytech dedicated Technical Team carefully reviews all requirements and design combination of chemical cleaning steps/methods in compliance to Client’s Laboratory results (i.e.FTIR& XRF), Process Design and Mapping , System/Equipment Design Constraint, Deposit Localization and Polytech R&D Sample Foulant Deposit Solubility Simulation Test.

Polytech utilized combination of affordable Chemistries (i.e. Selective Solvent Cleaning and Effective Additives) suitable for maximum deposit solubility while ensuring integrity and reliability of equipment or system.

Polytech is closely worked with Scientist, Researchers/Analyst ofR&DC (Research &Development Center) and CSD (Consulting Services Department) of Saudi Aramco Dhahran and SABIC Technology Center and group of Process Engineers, Process Safety Engineers  and Corrosion Engineers, Loss Preventions and other engineering discipline on various special projects being awarded.

POLYTECH is also anENGINEERING SOLUTION PROVIDER in any troubleshooting of Emergency Shutdown  and tough situation while helping the valued-client to achieve their KEY PERFORMANCE Index (KPIs).