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Nitrogen Services

Nitrogen Services

Nitrogen is used widely in the upstream and downstream side of the oil and gas industry. Poly Tech team has the experience to support clients to achieve their Nitrogen requirements safely and on time.
Poly Tech covers a number of Nitrogen services with different ranges of pressure, temperature and flow rate so it can meet all different jobs requirements. Poly-Tech’s engineers will work with client engineers to provide the most effective and efficient techniques.
Nitrogen is used for its dryness (- 70 C dew point), cryogenic (-196 C in liquid phase) and inert (99.999%) It can be transported to job site as cryogenic liquid, dry/compressed gas or generated on site as gas by using membrane units.

Below are the main Nitrogen Services that Poly Tech can provide:-
-Nitrogen Purging
 Product displacement and LEL/Oxygen free.

-Hot Nitrogen
Hot Nitrogen gas will be injected to Removal hard/sludgy deposits

-Accelerated Cool Downs
Cooled N2 gas will be injected to cool down vessels in a manageable way to reduce cooling down time.

-Nitrogen Testing
It is a very effective way to use N2 as a clean & dry media to do pneumatic test for sensitive process equipment/system.  

-Nitrogen/Helium Leak Testing
It is used when finding a very small leak and quantifying its size is very important

-Nitrogen Drying
A very effective way to dry small pipelines or systems  

-Nitrogen Freeze Plug Isolation
A very useful way when system/pipeline does not have sufficient valves or other isolation mechanism